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Black Panthers vs. “Co-opting” struggles
From Black Against Empire:

[Begin Quotation]

The Party also keenly understood that the Black Liberation Struggle needed nonblack allies, particularly progressive white allies. An editorial in the Black Panther explained why this alliance was important: “The increasing isolation of the black radical movement from the white radical movement was a dangerous thing, playing into the power structure’s game of divide and conquer. We feel that in taking the step of making the coalition with the Peace and Freedom Party, we have altered the course of history on a minor, but important level.”

From its inception, the Black Panther Party had embraced both an uncompromising commitment to black liberation and a principled rejection of a separatist black politics. The coalition with the Peace and Freedom Party, which a number of black nationalists criticized, illustrated both. Explaining the Party’s position to its expanding black base was critical. “Because our Party has the image of an uncompromising stand against the oppression of the white power structure on Black people, we could take this step without getting shot down with the charge of selling out.”

As the Black Panther Party promoted the “Free Huey!” campaign, it built on emerging alliances with students and white antiwar activists, advancing an anti-imperialist political ideology that linked the oppression of antiwar protestors to the oppression of blacks and Vietnamese. Bobby Seale elaborated this position at a January 28, 1968, rally at UC Berkeley supporting students who had been arrested during Stop the Draft Week. Citing Newton’s article “On the Functional Definition of Politics,” Seale spoke to the crowd about self-defense power and the parallels between the Vietnamese and the black American liberation struggles. He pointed out that the antidraft students were locked up right alongside Huey Newton in the Alameda County jail. He made common cause with the students, arguing that the antiwar demonstrators faced a plight like that of the black community:
Black people have protested police brutality. And many of you thought we were jiving, thought we didn’t know what we were talking about, because many Black people in the community probably couldn’t answer your questions articulately. But now you are experiencing this same thing. When you go down in front of the draft [board], when you go over and you demonstrate in front of Dean Rusk, those pig cops will come down and brutalize your heads just like they brutalized the heads of black people in the black community. We are saying now that you can draw a direct relationship that is for real and that is not abstract anymore: you don’t have to abstract what police brutality is like when a club is there to crush your skull; you don’t have to abstract what police brutality is like when there is a vicious service revolver there to tear your flesh; you can see in fact that the real power of the power structure maintaining its racist regime is manifested in its occupying troops, and is manifested in its police department—with guns and force.

The new approach to draft resistance was compelling because of its universality. The black anti-imperialism championed by SNCC compared the plight of blacks in the United States with the plight of the Vietnamese and others throughout the world who were waging struggles against colonialism and imperialism. At SNCC’s invitation, student antiwar activists came to see themselves as fighting for their own liberation from the American empire. The imperial machinery of war that was inflicting havoc abroad was forcing America’s young to kill and die for a cause many did not believe in. Young activists came to see the draft as an imposition of empire on themselves just as the war was an imposition of empire on the Vietnamese.

SDS leader Greg Calvert encapsulated this emerging view in the idea of “revolutionary consciousness” in a widely influential speech at Princeton University that February. Arguing that students themselves were revolutionary subjects, Calvert sought to distinguish radicals from liberals, and he advanced “revolutionary consciousness” as the basis for a distinct and superior morality: “Radical or revolutionary consciousness … is the perception of oneself as unfree, as oppressed—and finally it is the discovery of oneself as one of the oppressed who must unite to transform the objective conditions of their existence in order to resolve the contradiction between potentiality and actuality. Revolutionary consciousness leads to the struggle for one’s own freedom in unity with others who share the burden of oppression.”

The speech marked a watershed in the New Left’s self-conception. Coming to see itself as part of the global struggle of the Vietnamese against American imperialism and the black struggle against racist oppression, the New Left rejected the status quo as fundamentally immoral and embraced the morality of revolutionary challenge. From this vantage point, the Vietnam War was illegitimate, and draft resistance was an act of revolutionary heroism.

[End Quotation]

How different the discourse of the Black Panthers is from much of today’s activism, with its concerns for “co-opting” struggles, for parsing actions down to discrete authentic groups, for emphasizing the special and distinct nature of each struggle, incommensurable with any other group’s oppression, even when they are locked up in the same cells.

The revolutionaries of a previous generation thought exactly the opposite: the struggle must broaden, and the way to do that was to identify common oppressions, and further, to identify oneself as oppressed. This absolutely did not mean co-optation – the Black Panthers never abandoned black liberation, they simply understood that it would require a global revolutionary movement uniting many oppressed people against racist imperialism. They aligned with other groups who were on board with these politics – which meant breaking ties with reformist black organizations. The authors also stress how the Black Panthers actually led the antiwar movement: they pioneered draft resistance tactics, and agitated on college campuses, emboldening a moribund student left.

This is so fucking important.
It’s funny how I’m one of the few people I know who was raised on Soviet sci-fi and for whom the first association with “communism” is “bright utopian post-scarcity transhuman future”, not really any specific political stance.

Like… I know it’s biased, but no more biased than the rest of the world, not really. So I instinctively treat communism as an objective empirical thing that just doesn’t exist yet, and the question I ask is “How the hell do we get from here to there”, not “Is this a Good or a Bad?”.

So yeah. I’m skeptical to say the least re: a lot of communist politics, but to me the word primarily means “desirable world-state”, not “Russia Lenin Stalin vodka AK-47 hippies”.

You say this as if “Russia Lenin Stalin vodka AK-47 hippies” isn’t the world’s greatest party.

We'll invite the strippers, Lenin and Stalin.
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Center for a Stateless Society » Riseup’s Canary Has Died You can try, or, even better run your own.

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New GPG Key

I forgot my GPG passphrase, so I've generated a new key.

If you've been communicating with me securely, you have every reason to be paranoid about this.
If you've been communicating with me insecurely, please take this opportunity to change that.

The new key is ID 0x787CFC5FA4F102C0 and can be found at .

The revocation certificate for the old key can be found at .
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queering the shitpost/effortpost binary
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There are some great sites, worth reading, about the social-transgendered status of shamans in Europe, before christianisation:

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Blogging, Microblogging, and Activation Energy

This was originally conceived as a full blog post, and may become one someday yet.

The blogging/microblogging distinction is useful [argument elided for laziness; "activation energy" would have come up in the defense of why microblogging is good], but I want to only have one place to:

* publish to
* follow
* tell people to follow
* check for updates.

Splitting between [twitter/gnusocial/friendica] and [proper blog] is annoying. Conflating both shitposts and effortposts into a single stream [tumblr/facebook] is also annoying. Maybe some sort of tagging and/or tabbed view? One network, adjustable quality filters.

You can kind of do this with twitter if everyone maintains separate accounts for shitposting and effortposting, but it's waaaay too much work and also isn't really doing the integration thing.

Since I'm using #friendica, I guess I could share shitposts to twitter and effortposts to tumblr, but this is clearly not ideal. In practice I'm definitely not going to do that, because (a) fuck that shit, and (b) it reduces people's choices about what networks to use.
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To the #Cascadia #Revolution people: didn't some red-wing folks try something like that recently~ish? I forget the details, something about heavily armed white nationalists holed up in a bunker.

Anyway, you might want to take a hard look at how you feel about the precedent the Obama administration set in handling that case.
General announcement: I'm trying to shift gears. If you see less of me around, it's not that I don't like you or that some disaster befell me, it's just that I'm busier than I used to be.
Marketization versus “Privatization” - How the debate is rigged to take power away from the average person.
Even to this day I still see people refer to the U.S. Healthcare system as a privatized system. What is really meant by this is that the U.S. has a for profit capitalist system that ruins people’s health and finances because it’s greedy, exploitative and inefficient. While other countries have humane government provided healthcare via a single payer system. Some even go as far as to say that the free market has failed healthcare and that we have the “free market fundamentalists” to blame.

If we look past the narrative, we’ll see this is untrue and a grave distortion of reality.
  • In 2013 64.3% of all healthcare costs in the U.S. were paid by the government.
  • In 2008 the United States had the fourth highest level of government health care spending per capita ($3,426) in the world
  • Only 21% of the hospitals in the entire U.S are for profit. The rest are non-profit and/or funded directly by the government.
The U.S. healthcare system is not free market. It is not liberalized. It’s a combination of massive government funding and private corporate interests in the medical industry that are given special privileges and benefits along side with other associations that seek preferential treatment. One example is that the American Medical Association has a government-granted monopoly on the certification of doctors, receives direct government funding and tries to demolish attempts for reform. They can cap the number of licensed doctors, artificially raising the cost of healthcare and lowering coverage. More information about AMA here.

The purpose of this post isn’t to delve deep into intricacies of the healthcare system. That has been tackled better before.

The point is that the free market is used as a strawman by both sides.

Conservatives parrot free market flavored talking points to push through their legislation even though their intent has historically been only to regulate things more. When ‘deregulation’ is brought up, they don’t wish to reduce the amount of laws and let people be freer, which would be good and would constitute real deregulation. Generally by ‘deregulation’ they mean that corporate interests and government agencies should have more freedom to use their special privileges, as was the case with the banking deregulation - the market did not become freer in any way.

Liberals and socialists then attack these talking points that masquerade themselves as free market, construct their own strawmen about the free market and proclaim that the free market doesn’t work, that it has failed. So of course whenever someone honestly brings up privatization, he is immediately bunched up with the shills that use it hypocritically.

Both of their goals, whether consciously or not is to take power from the consumer and place it in the hands of their preferred agencies and organizations.

To distinguish from that I prefer the term marketization. Privately owning something is not enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s “privately owned” if it’s still extensively regulated and founded by the government. Either you have a market in which everyone can compete equally or you don’t. Competition is what makes things cheaper and more accessible, not private ownership.

It’s not okay for people to be threatened with fines and imprisonment for buying and selling medicine that they need just because it wasn’t approved by some god forsaken association.

It’s not okay for people to be threatened with fines and imprisonment for practicing medicine without a license as long as the users know the doctor is not officially licensed.

It’s not okay for people to be forced to pay for services they may or may not use and prevent them from paying instead for alternatives they choose.

This issue affects LGBT people as well, something that is not often talked about in libertarian circles. Self-medication would be much safer if information about it was publicly made available. Instead, it is discouraged and de facto illegal in many places. The process of dosing is mystified as if only qualified government personnel are capable of reading a dosage chart and that trans people should be entirely dependent on them for their well being. I’ve had a couple of friends driven to suicidal depression because of how challenging the red tape and wait was for government mandated HRT because it was illegal for them to buy HRT without a prescription from the government. And of course if this situation causes a transperson any thing resembling depression this is grounds for delaying their ability to get HRT even further. This is the kind of danger such a heavily regulated system creates.

Even if the doctors and legislators are otherwise moral people the system is rigged to reward increasing regulation, making people more dependent on the system and conferring privileges to organizations and companies with political clout.

instead of arguing whether pineapples should be on pizzas or not, we should all stand united in order to combat the real evil which is sparkling water

pineapples on pizza are good but it is okay for people not to like them

but sparkling water is also good! it would be better sweet but it is bubbly

it is water that is excited to see you and wants to be friends

it stabs you in the mouth! this is not good unless you are a masochist and mostly not then, either

as a masochist, I do indeed enjoy how soda water stabs me in the mouth
what should Ozy write before they write the sequel to MFBT: A POLL

if you vote for multiple things your votes will be divided among them

(a) Half-finished Disney Descendants orgy fic.
(b) Vorkosiverse fic where Ekaterin lives at the same time as Aral and marries him, and Cordelia lives at the same time as Miles and marries him
© Vorkosiverse fic in which we have the MARK LOSES HIS VIRGINITY PORN that was UNACCOUNTABLY LEFT OUT OF THE BOOK
(d) Taura/Miles porn that was UNACCOUNTABLY LEFT OUT OF THE BOOK
(e) Bel/Miles porn that was UNACCOUNTABLY LEFT OUT OF THE BOOK
(f) I have another suggestion for Vorkosiverse porn that was UNACCOUNTABLY LEFT OUT OF THE BOOK and will send Ozy a message about it
(g) You Know What They Say About Foxes, Nick POV, in which we get to find out exactly how much of a dumbass Nick is (spoiler: lots)
(h) Sacrifices Arc fic in which Calibrid marries Harry like God intended
(i) A LATE ADDITION: A Girl Corrupted By The Internet Porn in which I do eliezer’s fucking job for him, you’re welcome eliezer
(j) I am still just here for the cuck jokes

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an alethiometer whose symbols are emoji




I’m A Man, And I’ve Spent My Life Ashamed Of My Body

It shouldn’t be extraordinary for men to talk about having body image issues.

It’s important to acknowledge that this impacts EVERYONE, not just girls


Soldier uses GoPro to prove wife’s domestic abuse

The fact that guys have to record themselves being abused/attacked by women just to be believed and not be suspected of being the abuser is fucking sad.

Ugh, when she said “call the police, I’m gonna tell them that you just assaulted me”
I’ve seen so many videos of women instigating fights with men then saying shit like that, or something along the lines of “I dare you to hit me”.

@my parents, thank you for raising me right so I didn’t turn into one of these cunts

“call the police, I’m gonna tell them that you just assaulted me”

This is when you know women absolutely know the system is biased for them, and they use that to abuse men.

Coworker of mine dated a girl once that stabbed his hand to the wall with a knife. He called the cops, but she went out with a sob story…and he got arrested instead…and while he was in jail, she robbed his house…and got away with it. Cool stuff!

Reblogging because I’m still seeing leftist tumblr’s “always believe people who claim to be abused (but only if it’s women accusing men)” position, as well as them treating abuse as a gendered thing even though that makes it easier for abusive women to get away with manipulating the system to hurt innocent people.

Reblogging because ubiquitous tiny cameras can, if misused, be the tools of Big Brother–but if they’re used right, they can be tools for truth and justice.

Sousveillance. For great justice.
Does Planned Parenthood offer Hormone Replacement Therapy for transgender people?

Someone asked us:
Can Planned Parenthood provide hormones to transgender people? And if so, what are the costs?

Why yes, yes we do. There are an increasing number of Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for trans clients. (Cost will vary depending on your insurance and Planned Parenthood health center policies.) Currently, the Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone treatment for trans folks are:

California:Colorado:Maine:Montana:New Hampshire:New York:North Carolina:Vermont:Washington- Calvin and Maureen at QueerTips



Pretty much every time I reblog or post about this, I get at least one person telling me they had no idea Planned Parenthood offered HRT. This is really important, ya’ll.

As @4lung mentioned above, Planned Parenthood offers HRT under informed consent. This means there is no requirement for a psych diagnosis or seeing a separate endocrinologist.

Also, shout out to Health Brigade (formerly the Fan Free Clinic) in Richmond, Virginia, which provides HRT under informed consent, as well as many other health services. (There is a Planned Parenthood in Richmond, but as far as we know, it does not yet provide HRT.)

(Find your Planned Parenthood health center here)
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This needs to be plastered everywhere because people honestly think systematic racism is still a thing because black people just “refuse” to get involved well look what happens to the existing minority of black people in the judicial system, this isn’t about putting in hours and just praying to God that things change, the system is garbage and needs to be torn down and built on honest terms saying “be the change that you wish to see” at a problem that’s entirely systematic is victim blaming

Judge gets suspended without pay for making legitimate criticism of the corruption of a justice system he is sworn to uphold
Meanwhile cops all over the country get paid vacations for shooting black children.
Is it rational to have biases opposite to the culturally prevailing biases?

For example, suppose you're an employer considering white and nonwhite candidates. A nonwhite person who's still looking for a job might be unemployed due to other employers' irrational prejudices, whereas a white person who's still looking for a job must have something actually wrong with them to overcome their advantage of whiteness. So, ceteris paribus you should expect a given nonwhite applicant to be better qualified than a given white applicant.

(You'd have to be careful about bravery debates, of course.)
Just published _Layers_, my multicolored cloudy screensaveroid thing from 2014, on @LBRYio. lbry://layers